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Driver’s License Lawyer

Our experience can help avoid problems and assist in the return of your driver’s license.

As many of our clients and the driving public realize, it doesn’t take much to suspend a driver’s license in Pennsylvania. Statistics show that most drivers do not understand PennDOT’s system and most citations issued for driving under suspension are caused by a driver’s failure to understand and follow instructions issued by PennDOT.

Typical reasons for suspension are failure to respond (request a hearing) to a citation; failure to pay all fines or costs; failure to pay under a payment arrangement with the Magistrate and failure to pay a restoration fee to PennDOT. An experienced license attorney, such as attorney Gelman, can help avoid all these problems and facilitate a return your driver’s license.

DUI related suspensions are typically lengthened for years due to the licensee’s failure to complete a Court Ordered treatment plan or make sure all information on completion of treatment and sentencing has been transmitted by the Court to PennDOT.

Gelman & Reisman can address these, as well as all of the following legal issues. All traffic citations at Magistrate level; Summary Appeal of adverse decision from Magistrate; Habitual Offender defense; DUI Refusal suspensions; Driving under DUI suspension; Appeal of License Suspension notice from PennDOT.

Re-opening old citations and restoring appeal rights

Pennsylvania law allows a defendant 30 days to appeal a Magistrates decision on a citation. Too many people believe that once this 30 day appeal period has passed, nothing can be done to re-open this citation and remove the license suspension issued. Gelman & Reisman have over 30 years of experience in successfully re-opening the appeal period and addressing the underlying citation. G&R will then work to lessen or remove any penalties impeding the restoration of your license.

If you have issues with your driver's license, please contact us.